Bailey’s Corner: A Homecoming Style Guide, Straight from AUC’s Fashion Experts

AUC Fashion Designer Marcus Maddox
AUC Fashion Designer Marcus Maddox
Provided by Maddox

There is nothing like that time of year when I am forced to block out two hours of my day to stand in the mail center line. As overly ambitious (and worked) Spelman students, I think the entire campus of two thousand students can agree that there is no better feeling than the boost of serotonin felt when you receive an email from the mail center. As I scavenge through the endless, overwhelming emails calling for internships, community service, graded assignments, and other emails that will cause a mental breakdown later in the semester, a cool wave of relief washes over me as I read the words, “A package has arrived for you in the mail center.”

For a moment, all is well in the world. I don’t have a billion-plus assignments, or a huge biology test tomorrow, or the impending feeling of doom that I will be a failure.

I am completely content.

Joyful even.

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Until… I remember… the two. hour. long. mail. center. Line

As I reach the mail center doors, my hands begin to shake as I see the heads of faux locs, bust down middle parts, and knotless braids lining every inch of the mailroom. TWO HOURS!

Two hours I will have to stand in this line, slowly inching toward the front desk. For two hours, I will stand anxiously waiting for my package. For two hours, I will fear that the package I receive will not contain the iconic outfit I envisioned in my head. “What if the top is too small?! Will I have to send it back? There is no time! What if the pants are too big? Do I do a low-rise look? Is low-rise even still popular?” In the midst of the rambling that occurs in my head, I finally hear my name called and all is better in the world. An ID check here and a signature there, and I am out the door! With my package in hand, I practically skip back to my dorm, wondering why I even broke a sweat in the first place.

Ah yes, Spelhouse Homecoming Week. There is truly nothing like it.

Luckily this year, as the Anna Wintour of this year’s homecoming festivities (a title given to myself by myself),

The looks at this year’s homecoming will go down as the most iconic of the century. With me as your fashion guru this year, I am going to ensure that no person looks drab and instead is giving fab!

So, you may be asking, “What is in and what is out?” “What is fashion failure, and what is fashion fabulous?” In order to decide what will be in style and what will be completely out of line, we have to go to the source, the brain of the fashion world, if you will, and the brain is none other than the designers.

Here in the AUC, there is only one brand that comes to mind when you think of the “it” brand on campus, and that brand is none other than Wise Juveniles.

Created by designer Marcus Maddox, a sophomore Pre-Chems major from Atlanta, Georgia, Wise Juveniles is setting the stage for the 2023 homecoming vibe.

I had the pleasure of speaking with Maddox and asking him for his predictions on the fashion scene of homecoming this year.

A Q&A with Marcus Maddox

So Marcus, since Wise Juveniles has become such a mainstream brand on campus, clearly showing that you know the fashion trends the student body loves, what do you expect to be the trendy fashion choices [for] this homecoming?

“Baby tees. Graphic tees are the masculine equivalent. You can do a lot with either choice, you know. Wear them more casual or dressed up. It all depends on the creativity put into it.”

Hmmm. Well as someone with a love for a tiny top, big pants combination, I have to say, I agree. Baby tees are perfect for the homecoming season! Easy to mix and match with other items and accessories! Now with that being said, I know people have been itching for a Wise Juveniles baby tee with a little Spelman flare!  Is that on the way soon? Maybe for the homecoming season?

“Something will be dropped during homecoming season. You will just have to wait and see.”

Any hints as to what this ‘something’ will be?’ Give me the exclusive!

“No way! It would not be a surprise drop if I told you everything now!”

I want to know, where do you think people should shop for their looks this year? Personally, if you were to ask me, I say, definitely not Shein! It is too much of the same style going on when people shop there. Let alone the huge amount of damage it is causing to the environment! What do you think about that?

“I always think people should shop from small businesses first. It allows for more originality. I mean, when I find myself hitting a roadblock on my designs, or when I become uninspired, I take a step back. I don’t look for inspiration in what has already been done or what has been copied. So, I guess Shein would not be my first choice, but if you find something that excites you, just make it align with your personal style.”

So when these fast fashion brands, such as Shein, copy designs like yours and other small businesses, does it not discourage you?

“For me personally, the copying makes me go harder creativity-wise! It makes me realize it is time to come out with the next best thing!”

Opinion Writer and Creative Directer Bailey Johnson

That sounds easier said than done! Maybe not for Maddox; however, I guess we’ll just have to wait and see at Homecoming 2023.

I am sure what he has in store will be the next best thing. So, what should I see at homecoming? You heard the man. Lot’s of baby tees and graphic tees. Dress up your baby tee with a mini skirt and a kitten heel. Or, dress down that graphic tee with cargo pants, the hottest new sneakers, and a good ole maroon red or baby blue hat. Now, don’t let the fall season fool you; there should be no dull colors. Basic browns, dark grays, blacks, totally boring! I expect to see bright colors. Neons. Renaissance Silver (thank you, Beyonce). Anything that screams, “I AM HERE!”

Don’t be afraid to go the traditional Spelhouse colors route; my only ask is that you think outside the box with it.

My suggestion, find something one of a kind. Something that speaks to you. Ladies, corsets, and two-piece sets are all the rage this year. Give us something that will make our eyes pop! Gentlemen, we love a good sneaker. Give us something with a little Spelman flare! You will thank me later. Finally, just remember to stay original. Don’t forget, it is better to be original and sustainable than to be cheap. Don’t just go the fast fashion route because it is easier.

Put a little heart into everything that you wear. Dress like you are seeing your worst enemy, and then add a little something for that pretty face you hope to see at the concert!

Fashionably Yours,

Bailey Johnson

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